P-51 Pictures is a feature film production company, founded by Andrew Lahmann and Colin Dalvit, based out of Bellingham, WA. The P-51 team celebrated a win for People’s Choice Award at the ACR Film Festival in Atlanta upon its first year as an organization in 2003 for the documentary, An Honorable Calling, and officially became a business in 2009.

An avid supporter of endeavors by local community members, P-51 Pictures has received tremendous amounts of encouragement and support from the residents and city of Bellingham, and believes strongly that working collaboratively with others can produce incredible results. Helping to inspire and encourage those in pursuit of a dream remains of vital importance to the crew at P-51.

‘Why P-51 Pictures?’ you may ask. The P-51 Mustang was an American long-range single-seat aircraft with a reputation for being the best fighter of World War II. To those involved, it represented endurance, pride, advantage, and leadership among many other attributes. The P-51 played a pivotal role in the aerial warfare victories, as it was monumentally successful in gaining control of the skies.

Here at P-51 Pictures film production company, we recognize that the sky is the limit, and we have chosen the P-51 Mustang for its symbolism of confidence-inspiring determination and optimism toward the goals for which we set out to achieve each new day.


Phone: (360) 566-2853
Email:  crew@p51pictures.com